About Lindsay

From an early age I always had a sense there was more to life than met the eye. As an only child I had a rich, imaginary life, full of friends and foe, and worlds within worlds to explore. 

I loved animals and nature and being outdoors on horseback in the wild woodlands at the edge of my urban home. I knew then there was a greater adventure awaiting me, a mission somewhere, a quest.

When I graduated I thought journalism was my calling, to travel and to tell the truth. I wrote and broadcast for the BBC, among others, from Spain and Slovenia, to St Petersburg and Prague. 

Fascinating years they were the early nineties and such a privilege to witness and document the collapse of communism and the emergence of newly fledged democratic states.

Becoming a wife and a mother of three children brought my focus inwards to the home and I got lost on that journey. I lost my mother and grandmother in quick succession, I found myself in a dark wood, deeply unhappy and desperately alone.

So I set out on my spiritual quest and found myself at the feet of Tibetan Lamas and Buddhist monks, a Native American Blackfoot, a Slovakian shaman, mediums, Reiki Masters, Tai Chi and yoga teachers, Tarot readers and psychotherapists, seeking on some level what I knew I already knew...

...that death is never the end for our loved ones just a beautiful new beginning.

So here I am now, putting it all together with my Spirit team, joining the psychological and spiritual.

"What you seek is seeking you" - Rumi

With nearly 20 years of client work behind me I’ve made peace with who I am. I have honoured the first part of my soul’s calling. I have made the journey home to myself.

I will serve you to the best of my ability; to help you find your truth within yourself.

Thank you for visiting.

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